Wylco Lipstick

Wylco Lipsticks are one of the most important products in the makeup category today. A lot of woman do not apply full blown make up but will rest at mascara and a lipstick; hence a lipstick is one of the high selling make up products. How can you choose a good lipstick?

Well, keep a few things in mind when shopping for lipsticks. Note your natural lip color and complexion. There is a high change that you may not be able to use nude shades without a lip pencil or foundation if your natural color is dark. If your lips lack color, you may go for dark or bright shades to brighten your face. Understand what a lipstick does for your face. Are lips the most expressive feature of your face and if not so how can you make them.

Always use a tester to see the original color. Move out of the showroom light and see the color in natural light. Hold the color next to your face in the mirror to understand the suitability. The look of a color can vary in a big way when seen in yellow light or day light.


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